These days you see a lot around the web about Nvidia, it looks like Nvidia is working full force to regain it’s title of GPU king, this competition between Nvidia and ATI/AMD is working really great for us gamers bringing latest technologies at lower prices, last year both companies bring some of the most powerful cards to the market and I am hoping same for this year.

Starting Q2 ’09 the Santa Clara, California based chip maker will have 40nm fabrication processed high-end gpu, 40nm fabrication process will reduce manufacturing costs resulting in cheaper gpu’s and gpus consuming less power.

In year 2009 all the gpu’s from Nvidia up from Enthusiast level down to Value level all of them will be fabricated in 40nm technology. Nvidia has planned to wipe out its whole gpu lineup with new 40nm fabricated gpus by late Q3 2009. The Santa Clara, California based chip maker first 40nm gpu is expected to hit the market in February/March though exact date of arrival is not confirmed yet.

Nvidia has already released their G200b core 55nm GTX 260 cards and their GTX 295 and GTX 285 graphic cards are about to hit the market.

GT214 and GT216 are to replace G94 and G96 video cards in Mainstream level. GT218 is to replace G98 video card from Value level. Nvidia will bring a newer IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor) too, the iGT209, all these gpus will hit the market early in Q3 2009 and later in forth quarter of 2009 GT212 will be replaced too by a powerful GT300 video card in Enthusiast and Performance level.

Nvidia Roadmap To 40nm GPUs

Nvidia Roadmap To 40nm GPUs