News of Nvidia’s enhanced version of GeForce 9600GT are surrounding on the web. This new 9600GT will be called GeForce 9600GT Green Edition. What’s new in this card? it will help you save energy, it consumes less power that’s why it’s called Green Edition. Since this card consumes less power I believe it will overclock better because less power consumption means less heat dissipation and cooler operation. This card is fabricated on 55nm process technology just like original GeForce 9600GT.
GeForce 9600GT Core Names were G94-300/G94-309 G94-350/G94-359, it’s Core Clock was 650MHz, Shader Clock was 1625MHz, Memory Clock was 900MHz and power consumption was 96W.
9600GT Green Edition Core Name will be G94-350/G94-359, Core Clock will be at 600MHz, Shader Clock at 1500MHz, Memory Clock to be exact 900MHz as GeForce 9600GT and power consumption will be 59W.
Power consumption is a whopping 37W less than it’s predecessor, also this Green Edition does not require an external power connector and it’s voltage has reduced from previous 1.1V to 1.0V. Though all this info found it’s way to web there are no words when this card will be available in market or what will be the price of this product.