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GeForce 195.62

GeForce 195.62

Nvidia has released it’s GeForce WHQL-signed driver, version is 195.62, they released it the day after they released Version 195.62 in beta mode. These drivers provide support for their GeForce series of GPU’s which includes, GeForce 6, 7, 8, 100 and 200 series, plus these drivers has ION desktop GPU support.

GeForce 195.62 WHQL Certified Drivers comes with following changes:

  • Smoother Online HD videos in Adobe Flash 10.1 beta through GPU Acceleration support.
  • GeForce GT 240 GPU support.
  • OpenCL 1.0 (Open Computing Language) support for GeForce 8 and later series of GPU’s.
  • CUDA ToolKit 3.0 features and performance enhancements.
  • New gaming titles Borderlands, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, FIFA Soccer 10 and more gets SLI and multi-GPU support.
  • Single GPU and NVIDIA SLI support on DirectX 9, DirectX 10, and OpenGL, including 3-way SLI, Quad SLI, and SLI support on SLI-certified Intel X58-based motherboards.
  • Plus other bug fixes which include but not limited to improved performance for Need for Speed: Shift.
  • These drivers comes with and will install PhysX System Software version 9.09.0814.

Download links for GeForce 195.62 WHQL Certified drivers:
Windows 7/Vista 64-bit
Windows 7/Vista 32-bit
Windows XP 64-bit
Windows XP 32-bit


Shortly after releasing GeForce 182.46 BETA drivers NVIDIA just released another version of their GeForce drivers, GeForce 182.47 BETA Driver with OpenGL 3.1 Support.
Drivers version 182.47 for Windows and drivers version 180.37.04 for Linux provide beta support for OpenGL 3.1 and GLSL 1.40 support (as well as full OpenGL 3.0 and GLSL 1.30 support)

Supported Graphics Cards!
These driver support GeForce 8 series and higher video cards and a broad range of Quadro cards as well as any ION based products.

Windows 7 Compatible!
Yes, these drivers are Windows 7 Compatible, you can use them if you are using Windows 7, download the Vista drivers and you are good to go.

Download Link!
For more info and download links to GeForce 182.47 Developer Beta Drivers visit this page

GeForce 182.46 BETA Drivers
Incase you are looking for GeForce 182.46 BETA Drivers which take care of several bugs from previous versions of GeForce drivers, I am placing the links to them here.
Windows XP, Windows XP Media Center Edition
Windows XP x64, Server 2003 x64
Windows Vista 32-bit
Windows Vista 64-bit

May 5, 2009 is the date when Electronic Arts will publish the Crysis: Maximum Edition, it is the entire collection of the world famous game, Crysis, which is the best pc game of the year 2007 developed by Crytek. Releasing May 5th Crysis: Maximum Edition will be containing Crysis, Crysis Warhead, and multiplayer game mode Crysis Wars all in one package for one low price.

Crysis Maximum Edition

Crysis Maximum Edition

This item is available for Pre-order at $39.99 with FREE shipping. If you want to pre-order it then Click Here!

Nvidia has just released Forceware GeForce drivers for Microsoft Windows 7 Beta, driver version is 181.71, this driver set is in Beta mode which works with GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9 and 200 series video cards. These drivers supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of current Windows 7 Beta edition. This is the first release of Forceware GeForce drivers from Nvidia and a begining of regular NVIDIA driver updates for Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 7.

GeForce 181.71 Driver For Windows 7

GeForce 181.71 Driver For Windows 7

Beside the support for Direct3D, Direct2D, DirectWrite and DXVA-HD these drivers support NVIDIA CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) and NVIDIA PhysX technology. Also NVIDIA SLI is supported on DirectX 9, DirectX 10, and OpenGL applications.
This driver set will install WDDM v1.1 for GeForce 8, 9, and 200-series DirectX 10 GPUs and it will install WDDM v1.0 for GeForce 6 and 7-series DirectX 9 GPUs. These drivers will automatically install PhysX System Software version 9.09.0203 for all GeForce 8, 9, and 200-series GPUs.
Download Links!
Windows 7 32-bit
Windows 7 64-bit

Nvidia has released its ForceWare Geforce 182.06 WHQL certified drivers which brings with it full support for OpenGL 3.0 on Nvidia’s Geforce 8, 9 and 200 series video cards. The major purpose to release these drivers is to raise performance bar in some games running on Nvidia GeForce graphics cards.

Nvidia Forceware Logo

Nvidia Forceware Logo

Games that will see benefit!
You will see performance gains in some 3D applications and pc games with these drivers over 181.22 WHQL drivers. Some of the games that will see performance raise are F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (10% performance increase), Fallout 3 (8% performance increase), Half-Life 2 (9% performance increase), Left 4 Dead (11% performance increase) and Race Driver: GRID (10% performance increase). Though these are the games that Nvidia promise will see performance boost you might also see performance boost in some other games beside these and even better performance gains than what Nvidia has promised in games listed here it all depends on your system configuration and your video card.
PhysX System Software!
PhysX System Software version 9.09.0203 comes included with these drivers and will be automatically installed in your system.
For more info!
For more information on bug fixes refer to release documentation notes(v182.06) from Nvidia here!
Download Links!
Windows XP 32-bit
Windows Vista 32-bit
Windows XP 64-bit
Windows Vista 64-bit

EVGA has proved again how good they are when it comes to customer support by releasing an SLI Enhancement Patch.
SLI Profiles
SLI profiles are a part of Nvidia Forceware drivers, they are present in a form of expandable list in Nvidia control panel. What these profiles does? these SLI profiles are needed for pc games and 3D programs to use two or more GPUs to their fullest extent, some games or 3D programs require specific SLI profiles build for them otherwise they won’t run or perform well in SLI mode. As you know every month several new games are released, even though Forceware drivers can run them we need special SLI profiles to get optimized performance from our dual-GPUs for those specific games or 3D programs. Since Nvidia takes some time to update Forceware drivers to bring SLI support for those specific games or 3D programs EVGA took the plunge to release their own enhanced SLI profiles.

Evga SLI Enhancement Patch

Evga SLI Enhancement Patch

SLI Enhancement Patch Info
This is the first SLI Enhancement patch (version: 02.11.09) from EVGA, Evga will update it from time to time, it’s available on their site for their registered users, this patch will improve the SLI performance in pc games Necrovision Demo (DX10 mode) as well as Burnout Paradise. EVGA recommends using this patch with NVIDIA’s ForceWare 182.05 WHQL driver suite.
Whom Should Use This Patch?
If you own a dual gpu card like 7950GX2, 9800GX2 or GTX 295 and if you are running two gpu in SLI configuration.
Operating System
This patch will work only in Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit as well as in Windows 7.
Download Link
Visit Evga website to download this patch!

MemTest86 is a stand-alone advanced memory diagnostic utility designed for x86 architecture computers that thoroughly tests your RAMs for any fault or error. Lately a newer version of this utility has been released and it’s version is 3.5. This is one of the most precise memory testing software out there that diagnose your memory by running multiple tests and even a newbie can use this program without any hassle.
You can download this utility for free at their webpage at: MemTest86 3.5 go to this page and click on Free Download in left-hand menu, from there you can download the format you like.

What’s new in MemTest86 version 3.5?

  • Limited support for execution with multiple CPUs. CPUs are selected round-robin or sequential for each test.
  • Support for detection of additional chipsets. (from Memtest86+ v2.11).
  • Additions and corrections for CPU detection including reporting of L3 cache.
  • Reworked information display for better readability and new information.
  • Abbreviated iterations for first pass.
  • Enhancements to memory sizing.
  • Misc bug fixes.
Real Temp 3.00

Real Temp 3.00

Real Temp version 3.00 has been released. It is a very useful utility that you can use to monitor your Intel Core processors temperatures with a breakdown of temperatures on a per-core and T-junction basis. Distance to TJ Max defines the state where your processor begins to throttle itself. So when it reaches 0C it will start to underclock itself in order to reduce temps.
Unfortunately this utility will not work with Intel Pentium processors, so, if you have an Intel Pentium processor this is not useful for you but if you have an Intel Core processor whether Single Core, Dual Core or Quad Core this will work for you. These Core processors comes with a digital thermal sensor (DTS) that informs of temperature data relative to TJMax which is the safe maximum operating core temperature for the CPU.
This utility works with Core i7 processors even in Turbo Mode, where the software controls frequencies and power of each processing cores. This utility brings plugin support for RivaTuner which monitors Nvidia video cards temperatures and also supports Microsoft Windows 7.
Download Real Temp Version 3.00 Inside!

Nvidia PhysX system software Verion 9.09.0121

Nvidia PhysX system software Verion 9.09.0121

A newer version of PhysX system software has been released on 30-Jan-2009 and it’s verion is 9.09.0121. This new version is intended to take care of various issues with older version of the PhysX system software, 9.09.0010, which was released 13-Jan-2009 and comes included with official GeForce driver version 181.22 which was released 22-Jan-2009.
In particular it fixes the problems with some games, PhysX SDK runtime environment in multi-GPU configurations, installation and graphics accelerator related. There are some performance improvements reported in GeForce GTX 285 and GeForce GTX 295 gpu’s. These PhysX system software are recommended to use with EA’s pc game Mirror’s Edge for best performance and to get rid of random crashes.
Click Here to download Nvidia PhysX system software Verion 9.09.0121!

After leaked drivers it’s time for official ones, Nvidia has officially issued new drivers, which are WHQL-certified drivers and version is 181.20.

These new drivers support GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9 and 200 series desktop GPUs which includes GTX 295 and GeForce GTX 285 cards too which are GT200B chip based cards and fabricated on 55nm process technology. New ForceWare 181.20 drivers fixes some glitches from different games.

Some of the great new features are:

These drivers will enable Nvidia SLI technology on SLI-certified Intel X58 chipset based motherboards with all SLI-certified GPUs.

With these ForceWare drivers you can turn on Nvidia PhysX acceleration on a dedicated GeForce video card. You can use one card for graphics and another one for PhysX processing for game-changing physical effects. (Note: Nvidia PhysX is supported on GeForce 8-series, 9-series and 200-series GPUs with at least 256MB of dedicated graphics memory. This drivers package will automatically install PhysX System Software version 8.10.13).

Supports GeForce Plus Power Pack #2. Download these free PhysX and CUDA applications now! Nvidia has included support for the new NVIDIA CUDA Video Encoder with H.264 optimization.

Update: Unfortunately Ambient Occlusion is not included in these drivers you have to wait for drivers close to version 185 to expect Ambient Occlusion or you can use 185.20 beta drivers.

To download new drivers and to access the list of improvements and fixes visit these links:

Windows XP and XP Media Center Edition

Windows XP x64, Server 2003 x64

Windows Vista 32-bit

Windows Vista 64-bit